So what do i want to share with you today?

Well, let’s see, for the future, i will have a

  • worldbuilding section so you can follow along in the process going through when building my world. including, monsters, dragons, sociology, politics, Magic systems, ancient artifacts and a lot more.
  • Then there will be the Goldmine: Where nuggets of gold (Excerpts ) will be posted from the book/books.
  • The Golden Gouse Inn: Characters introduction, here you will get a chance to meet and greet some of the characters from my book. personal background info and secrets.
  • My Personal Journey; Here you can read a bit about me, my life and my world.
  • Book Cover; what i have seen the past week or so in regard to covers, and my personal opinion about the “cover of the book” not whats inside.
  • Interviews; I will be posting interviews with other writers, editors, agents, designers who are in the industry.
  • News and updates: My book news, links, and news regarding the world of Authors.





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