The Malferion Proficies

The High Father of all Creation has been slain in his sleep. His soul flees to the Mortal Realm through the World Gate. Here it splits into three shards and enters three innocent infants, born at the exact same time, in very different parts of the world.
The World of reality changes, Monsters and Dragons alike emerge once again, Ancient Magics are released and the Balance of the world has changed.
The time for the unmaking is at hand, can the three heroes learn what they must in order to survive the coming of Elyn the Unmaker…

Book 1:

Gates of the Ancients

The world will be torn apart.

Unless they can come together.

A survivor, an orphan, and a peaceful farm boy each embark on a journey to learn of their true power.

Their worlds couldn’t be anymore different. Yet with power stemming from the same origin, they don the mantles of wizard, paladin, and dragon rider.

Irena forges on to finish her wizarding training despite being alone again. Kalen’s war with the Barbarians marks the beginnings of a bigger conflict where he’ll learn the atrocities of life outside the farm. And Mazrek starts to learn the truth of who the Trio truly are, and of his place in the world.

All the while, a force greater than their powers combined looms at the Ancient Gates.

Trapped in a secret time, lost in hidden catacombs, and high above the treetops, they must find each other to unite ancient civilizations before time runs out.