First time Author?

Well, I’m a first-time author, and boy, oh boy is it a jungle.

Besides writing your book, you have to decide on a few big questions:

What writing program and other tools can I use?
Do I self-publish or send it to a publishing house, where do I get covers made, where do I find agents, and what about editors?

Here are some of my answers to that :

1) Self-publish

Here are some of the resources I use, and I’m going to Self-publish, due to the fact that I don’t want to go through all the hassle of getting a publisher to open his or her door for me…

Step by step :

1) Write your book
2) Edit your book, either do it yourself or get a pro to do it.
3) Get a GOOD Cover for your book (This is the absolute MUST for any book to sell)
4) follow the Launch PDF
5) Publish and follow the Launch PDF

I highly recommend that you get an Editor to go over your book before you publish.

To find an editor I use the place called Upwork:

Here are some of my recommended tools that I use when writing :


Or search the web for a other option to get a cover made. but remember, it is really the cover that sells the book.

Writing Program : Scrivner : Editor Program : ProWritingAid :

Mindmapping the plot:

Facebook groups: Writers Helping Writers | Authors | Fiction Writers Global | Fiction Writing | RPG and Fantasy Writers and Artists Guild

Pages I can recommend looking at :

BIG help in self-publishing:

Other Authors: (Authors page with lots of good advice) One of the best in regard to advice and tips:

Good links for getting to know the world of self-publishing a bit better.

Fellow Authors that are starting up that I can recommend supporting :

Agents can be located here:

Online Publishing :

Places you could publish you book online :

(link to their guideline)

2) Try to send to a publisher

If possible review some of these publishers books, good, solid reviews. Show them you have something to say, they’ll remember your name

I have compiled a short list, these publishers don’t require agents.
Normally a publishing house will not accept your letters mail or the like unless you go through an Agent.
If you’re looking to get into one of the big 5 publishers, that’s a whole different ball game
(Penguin, Simon & Schuster, Hachette, McMillan, HarperCollins)

Here is a Publisher that is currently seeking authors

They usually require that you’re done with your book before you can get the foot in.

THIS is a general rule for publishers :


JUMIT PUBLISHING is open to consideration for publication of unsolicited fiction and general non-fiction works in the English language.

Please send your submission by email to

  • Your submission must contain 3 sample chapters.
  • A detailed all chapter-wise synopsis for your work.
  • A detailed write-up about the author/s.
  • Please include your target audience, total number of words, subtitle ( if any ), other comparative titles available, details of previous published book/s ( if any ).
  • Any other document, which you might consider important at this stage.


Next is: LAUNCH

The Launch of the book, and here are a few good tips :

This one is really good to follow: Step by Step pdf to follow for Launch of your book.