Q & A with Lauren Moore -Editor-


I have the privilege to bring you a rare interview with a Professional Editor, she is awesome. here is a link to her FB page where you can contact Her.




  • Everyone needs a break. What do you read on your own time?

I’m currently reading And the Shofar Blew, Lonesome Dove, and Assignment Darklanding.


  • How has your work experience prepared you for this position?

I taught middle school and high school English for seven years, along with a year teaching English in a university in China. So I spent those years reading classic literature that has stood the test of time and leading discussions about it with my students. We’d dig deep into the characters and conflicts, watching our heroes and villains evolve throughout the course of the book. We’d study the author’s prose, figure out what worked and what didn’t—and why. I taught them how to write short stories and essays… and spent hundreds of hours correcting mistakes and coaching students in their writing. I studied English grammar, communicated it to my students, and tested them on it. All of these skills I now leverage with my clients to help them write the best book possible.

  • How do you sustain interest in even the most mundane aspects of editing – proofreading, fact-checking, source-checking, etc?

I get fired up for the sake of truth. For even something so simple as “should that apostrophe be there?”, if I don’t know, I’ll look it up and find out. Because there is a true answer out there, and for the sake of truth, I’ll find it and fix that error. So that fire keeps me going.

On the other hand, when I take on a client, I feel for them as an Olympic coach feels for her prodigy—I want to pour my best into this person and their manuscript, then watch them both grow. As the author takes feedback and applies it, and we work together on revising the manuscript, the story line and prose begin to blossom. It’s a joy to watch. That happiness makes even the most mundane steps enjoyable.

  • What social media platforms work well for increasing the reach of your content?

I’ve tinkered around with Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. For me, it looks like Facebook has the most potential as so many adults are on it as a matter of course.

  • How much do you know about SEO?

I understand the basics of it. I ran the social media marketing for a social media startup I helped found a few years back (BooWup.com). The startup has been put on hiatus, but in the meantime, I learned a lot about marketing and SEO.

For authors, though, while SEO is important, it may not be as important as learning how to optimize search results on Amazon. I recommend watching Kindlepreneur’s videos on reaching new Amazon readers, including this video interview by Keystroke Medium; reading Chris Fox’s books on writing and marketing; and checking out Brian Meeks’ book, Mastering Amazon Ads.


  • What publishing platforms have you used before?

I have not published yet, but I hope to by year’s end.


  • How do you go about hiring talented people for your team?

I am currently a one-woman show, but I do freelance work with a number of stellar teams, including The Writer’s Ally in the USA and Ocean Reeve in Australia.


  • Which style guides do you prefer?

I will use whatever style guide my client requires, but The Chicago Manual of Style is my oracle.

  • Describe your experience with creating style guides.

I create them regularly with my clients, and they can get as granular as the client would like it to be.

  • What’s your approach to giving constructive feedback to a fellow writer?

I start by considering what the issue is with the manuscript, how it can be resolved, and then how I can best communicate that information to this particular author. But I’m happy to give feedback when needed. We’re on the same team and we have the same goal—to make this manuscript as compelling as possible.


  • What was the best money you ever spent as an editor?

If “time is money,” then some of the best “reinvestments” I’ve made into my business has come in the form of listening to podcasts. Some of my favorites are:

  • Keystrokes Medium
  • The Sci-Fi Shenanigans Podcast
  • The Book Editor Show
  • The Creative Penn
  • The Story Studio Podcast
  • The Story Grid
  • The Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast
  • LeVar Burton Reads
  • Writing Excuses