Malferion; Gates of the Ancients

The Malferion Proficies

The High Father of all Creation has been slain in his sleep. His soul flees to the Mortal Realm through the World Gate. Here it splits into three shards and enters three innocent infants, born at the exact same time, in very different parts of the world.
The World of reality changes, Monsters and Dragons alike emerge once again, Ancient Magics are released and the Balance of the world has changed.
The time for the unmaking is at hand, can the three heroes learn what they must in order to survive the coming of Elyn the Unmaker…

Book 1:

Gates of the Ancients

The three children grow up in different parts of the world, one is born into a loving and warm family, one into the hard life of the survivor, and one as an orphan into the world of knowledge.

As they journey from the beginning hardship are cast upon them, one is magically trapped in stasis, and awaken to a different world, and yet and other is lost in the darkness of the underworld. And the last is struggling to find out her purpose and to solve the visions that the gods give her.

They each have to overcome hard odds to survive the coming of Elyn.
The World Gate has been opened with the death of the guardian, and the god of destruction has been freed from his prison.